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Once upon a time, it is talk of Otsuka village surrounded by a wooded area at the entrance of the Musashino.
This Otsuka The village, fox that was the silver that messenger to serve you for a long time Zuutto to God there was is a legend is to have local deity-like lives.

Once upon a time, in the snowy winter day, I was have wandered into wooded area road of your samurai Sanga village.
At that time, nowhere, is invited to the village of guardian-like appeared an old man of Kikori of silvery beard from the wooded area, it seems to have raised to treat the rice one bowlful.
Mr. Osamurai is to very grateful, over the cancer guardian-like and its reward, seems to have the dedication of tin silver that had.
Later, this your samurai's, it is an excellent warlords to Man Mo through the desire to guardian-like, is so soon was rise to the name of a military commander of Musashi.

Since ancient times, every year when it comes to fall in this Otsuka village, to the villagers of the village the harvest of crops like guardian, be offerings was has become a tradition.
Crop which had been prepared in order to offerings certain year, the guardian sama, we've run out of each and every one from the barn overnight.
The next morning, the village becomes a fuss, villagers, and then split up with everyone to find the whereabouts of the crop, day after day, next to the village and, also went out to look for and to the village of its neighbors.
However, crop was not anywhere.
Finally, thickets of trees also considerably coloring, and went not started even deeper fall

Meanwhile, the morning of the autumn day, boy's town of merchant is, I came to collect firewood in the village by pulling a cart.
Boy's, you hear the story of the village of big deal from the villagers, the villagers who are in trouble from the honest feelings, was offered to the villagers to want to let the help to find you want to think crops raised somehow.
And I've been looking for various kid's also joined, and be quite Ali of crops, the culprit also could not be found.
Day by day, gradually, to everyone's face, impatience and fatigue have been Dehajime.

Before long, the day of the snow that tell the winter, turn grandfather of Kikori of silver beard came to visit the village.
Grandfather of Kikori of silver beard, something it is possible that there is a idea, joined to help you look for the crop.
Then, in the guidance of the grandfather of silver beard in the snow, when the villagers and Pis Mr. Proceed for a while through the wooded area, tree of big three of zelkova has entered the eyes.
And, everyone was standing pat in front of the grove.

At the bottom of the three of zelkova, there was a large cave than house with a door.
The cave is villagers, where tried except slowly without making your sound, tightly packed village of crops had been piled on the inside.
Villagers, I was surprised to see it.
Villagers in a hurry, which was overlooking the per, however, was not found empty in there.
The villagers, who in such a place, and I think or wonder had hidden the crop, decided to see how close to the cave.
Between villagers you are looking at the situation, boy's, until near the village in a hurry, I went to hear the things cave of three zelkova.
Then, in the cave, there is a legend that demons live, to anyone cave that, it was that not stay away.
Pis san told that they had heard in the vicinity of the village back to the place of villagers in a hurry to woodcutter grandfather of villagers and silver beard.

Grandfather of Kikori of silver beard who heard the story of the boy's, immediately to the villagers, talked to bring back the crop.
Grandfather of Kikori of silver beard, decided to punish the demons that live there that a bad thing.
After the villagers went back to have a crop, grandfather of Kikori of Pis-san and silver beard, while per the fire in the cave, was waiting for the demon to come back.
When Subaraku, Pis Mr., next to the bonfire made out tired gradually, has been soundly asleep.
Then, something or suddenly, was a big noise outside of the cave.
To the sound, boy's was awake by surprise.
Fearfully, boy's, when viewed from the cave except for the outside, Tengu with silvery beard is, or does not have exterminated ogre.
Tengu with silvery beard is, in geta of a single tooth are wearing the demon of Tengu of silvery beard, had been pressed.

Furthermore Tengu of silvery beard is a fan of Hachite that have to hand, slowly toward the demon people pretend, also has people pretend.
Then, demon eventually be reformed, I began to apologize for many of wrongdoing.
Look at the situation, boy's was out into the outside by surprise.
Demons, is to not bother to human, to live standing on human role, promised to Tengu and boy's silvery beard now.
Pis's also heard the word, was relieved.

Tengu of silvery beard that containment a bad heart of demons, and climb up the grove of quick zelkova, was I have disappeared to fly in the sky.
Boy who saw the scene was not paralyzed in place by the one of such face was pinched in like fox.
In addition, it was together in Temple, also figure grandfather of Kikori of silvery beard did not have in place.
Then, in the neighborhood of three zelkova, no longer even appearance of demon who worked evil.
Pis Mr., on top of the zelkova trees I looked around, I noticed the owl is perched.
Maybe, by Tengu of silvery beard, demon reblogged think Pis's and he was preempted in horned owl.

Pis who was retaken the care, return to the village in a hurry, told this prehistory to the villagers.
Villagers who heard the story, was lifted the size voice in what is somehow Sure not surprise and joy.
Eventually, villagers soon as things have been gradually known, it calms feelings, began to tell gratitude to boy's.
After a while, but the length of the village, it was give and to thank the tin and carts full of firewood of silver that are enshrined in important to local deity-like as gratitude to boy's.
Pis Mr., whether able to so many of firewood and important silver bells Why, I did not know.
Pis Mr., obediently receives the villagers of feelings, is deeply To lower the head, was left the village.

Pis's you went back to town, and to cherish the bell of silver that I got to thank from the villagers, was encouraging to apprenticeship.
Of course, it is the villagers of gratitude, moments also not forget, and also had the whole story in the Tengu of silver beard was keep carefully parked in the mind.
Before long, kid's are trusted by many people in Edo of town, now respectable wealthy merchant.
And boy who became a respectable wealthy merchant is, some years have passed, I do not know, as a reward for spreading the word Tengu of feelings and silver beard of villagers was old, it was Demuki to the village with a lot of goods.
He had become a respectable wealthy merchant is, everyone, and gratitude that it is thanks to the Tengu of villagers and silver beard, was give the goods of a lot of thanks to the villagers.
And, the way home from the village, by the guardian-like, we return the bells of silver that had been received from the villagers to guardian-like.
Tin boy's face was the dedication of silver, had somehow dwells the vestiges of woodcutter grandfather of silver beard.